People & Culture

To discover the essence of Mutter, look no further than within each of us and even in our logo, for those who pay attention. Our driving force towards making a meaningful impact is our passion, which permeates every aspect of our work and is inherent in all our projects.

People & Culture in Mutter
People & Culture in Mutter
People & Culture in Mutter
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What sets us apart?

We’re a self-driving team. We move forward with an unwavering sense of purpose while enjoying the journey. Continuously experimenting and pushing boundaries, we’re confident in our ability to reach our destination. Plus, we’re lucky to be headquartered in the vibrant city of Barcelona. That said, we’re not ignorant of traditional business practices. In fact, much of our expertise comes from partnering with startups that follow a more conventional path.

Values first and foremost

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Team Builders

The success of each project is everyone’s business. We make mistakes and succeed together, plural.

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We thrive on adaptability – change is a constant in our daily work. What may have worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. As a result, we’ve made adaptability our motto.

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We embrace humility, recognizing that we make mistakes every day. However, we’ve also decided to take advantage of these mistakes, learning from them on a daily basis.

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We’re driven by a visionary spirit, relying on research and hard work to identify projects that will set the standard in the market.

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As a team, we´re thoroughly investing in technology as innovation is part of our day-to-day operations in our entirely digital environment.

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Transparency is crucial to our approach – we communicate clearly and openly, both within the team and with external partners. It’s only through transparency that we can create a united, cohesive team.

The team in numbers





Those of us who work at Mutter Ventures have also collaborated on

Welcome sustainable investors!

At Mutter, we´re looking for team members who are investing in their own future. We want individuals who are committed to pursuing their passions, growing as professionals, and utilizing their talents to make a significant impact. If you’re someone who shares these values, we welcome you to join our team and be a part of something special.

Sustainable Investor[n .] A sustainable investor is someone who embodies the values of a movement dedicated to creating positive change and achieving meaningful goals that extend beyond mere economic gains. These individuals are committed to making a positive impact on both a personal and collective level, contributing to a more sustainable future for all.

Do you identify with our definition of a sustainable investor?

Mutter Benefits

Mutter Benefits

At Mutter, we’re dedicated to fostering professional growth and providing our team members with exciting challenges that push them out of their comfort zone.

We believe that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow, whether it’s over a cup of coffee or tea, browsing our online bookshop, which offers titles on topics ranging from Blockchain and Design & UX to Business and Leadership, or by clearing your mind on our terrace with a game of table tennis or foosball during after-work Thursdays. Additionally, we offer a flexible remuneration system designed to benefit our team members’ daily lives.

This includes restaurant cards, transportation options, and childcare benefits, ensuring that our team can focus on their work while enjoying a balanced lifestyle.