Start up the impact

We are looking for ways to generate a positive change in society. At Mutter, we understand that the only way to do so is by being sustainable in what we say and, most importantly, what we do.

Our Manifest

“In the world we live in, we need investments to translate into value. We need our investors to be sustainable investors.”

“Not to speculate, but to boost impulse. To create MOMENTUM. To think about the impact they can generate long term. At Mutter we are lucky to count on them.”

“We share an open vision and global thinking. We are a team that is able to constantly create ideas, grow them, and connect them together. We invest in listening, researching, and discovering. We enjoy and live the process.”

“Our investors trust in what we do and what we believe in. They help us break through any boundaries and make possible what we set out to do.”

“They are resilient and walk by our side towards the same goal: Creating sustainable investments.”

CEO Mutter Christian Rodríguez

We are currently living in a unique moment in which new ways of thinking, consuming, and understanding are emerging. A society with new values, habits, and priorities. All of this is accompanied by a technological transformation that is advancing at a stratospheric pace. This means constant challenges and opportunities, and our reason for being: to create projects with soul and impact that aspire to lead part of this great revolution. And we are here to achieve it.


Christian Rodríguez Fornos.

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Our sustainable investors

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Every investment has a return. And betting on projects with value means multiplying that return.

Being a sustainable investor means avoiding growth for the sake of growth. It means achieving a meaningful growth of capital.

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People & Culture

It’s not about working from 9 to 6. It’s not about earning a certain salary. It’s not about reports. It’s about finding what you want, helping you grow, and knowing that your talent can create a unique impact.

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Teaming up with a sustainable investor makes you a sustainable investor. Because you advocate for a common goal. Because you share knowledge. Because you know how to guide and what to say to generate impact.

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Startup Ecosystem

Every startup should be based on one premise: that the impact is significant enough to be part of the business for the next 20 years.

Our 3 principles

We have a commitment. In fact, we have three. And us, as well as those involved with Mutter in some way, fulfill them.

Good Investments
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We believe in creating environments to achieve disruptive, dynamic, and constantly evolving investments. We believe in the profitability of what is good. Good for business and good for society.

Positive Impact
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Yes, the economic world demands validation, but the social world must demand it too. That’s why we make sure that all actions are relevant and long-lasting.

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Our nature urges us to seek investments to grow our future. But it also urges us to invest in what we don’t like, in order to turn certain situations around and play them to our advantage.