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Inversores en Mutter

What sets us apart



At Mutter Ventures, our primary focus is on identifying and investing in high-impact businesses that are financially viable and scalable. We conduct thorough analyses of industries that are currently attracting significant capital to ensure that our investments have a clear exit strategy.

Proyectos de impacto

Impact projects

At Mutter Ventures, we are dedicated to investing in impactful projects that bring positive change to society. We are committed to practicing what we preach and believe that sustainability is at the heart of our actions.

Venture Capital

Venture capital

Unlike others, we are our biggest investor. We believe in all our projects and this allows us, when executing projects, to reduce restrictions, conflicts of interest and limitations on agreements.

Ideas Inhouse

In-house ideas

At Mutter Lab, our transversal team covers all aspects of the project´s life cycle, from ideation to exit. This in-house approach ensures that our ideas are developed and executed with a high degree of autonomy and precision, allowing us to achieve our goals and make a lasting impact on the world.

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